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Love curry!

Got these at the strawberry festival. Only bought this flavour and it’s delicious. Instant regret that I didn’t buy a second bag. The curry is the first flavour that hits you but the heat sneaks up on you after the sweetness. Will be getting more

Absolutely the best!

This is by far the best brittle I ever had. The smooth candy with all the essentials nuts makes this truly a fantastic blend for anyone’s palette.


This was great, the heat was perfect. I think I will go order some more

birthday pack is embarrasinly small

I was surprised when the gift was opened in front of me and these tiny little cellophane sleeves came out. The recipient looked at it then started handing them out to the other guests at the party. It was so small as to be insignificant as a gift. I was quite embarrassed. The other things I ordered were fabulous and I will review them, but at $28.00 don't bother using it as a bday gift. Maybe as giveaways or in snack baskets etc.

rum y vanilla butter crunch
Juanita Fuentes
Runny (yummy)

The best I’ve had bar far my favorite yet I will be trying other flavors


My bf is ridiculously picky. I’ve spent a fortune trying to find him something he likes. Well, I finally found it. He LOVESLOVESLOVES this candy!

pecan butter crunch
Maria Ledwidge
Maria customer

This Candy is a game changer. My son brought it home and I tried it and loved it so much I found them online and sent some to my father in law. He loves it so much too.

pistachio butter crunch
Yvette Valentin

The most perfect snack ever

Yummy Rummy

Perfect blend of rum and buttery flavors. Vanilla not too strong, subtle and just right. Addictive - thankfully there’s no alcohol content!! :-)

pecan butter crunch
Daniel Grover

Super delicious buttery toffee flavor. Good pecans.
And did I say buttery?
Keep up the great work.

A good second to the pecan butter crunch!

pecan butter crunch
Patricia Diggs
Love the Pecan Butter crunch

Have ordered several times and have never been disappointed.

Best brittle I ever had

The 4-nut blend was very flavorful, and fresh tasting. A perfect combination of ingredients and craftsmanship.

pecan butter crunch
Sarah Puglisi
I hate to say this

but it beats anything like it I've made and I'm known for my Christmas toffee. Boy is this tasty. My personal favorite is the pecan. I literally ate the entire thing in under twenty minutes. It was that delish. IF I WIN THE LOTTERY I KNOW WHAT I"LL BE SENDING TO EVERYONE ON MY HOLIDAY LIST!

pecan butter crunch
Michael Debrill
Very good so tasty

Always fresh and tasty

A must have

Its tasty nutty but not overly sweet. Can have a pound of this! This along with the all nuts are by far my Favs

pecan butter crunch
Nancy A Rao
Ultimate Brittle

I found this in Texas in a little town that if you blink you could miss it. When I saw this there, I had to have it, and am I glad I did. It is the best most comforting candy/snack/anytime. It is far superior than any brittle I've ever had, and the pecan is just, well, perfect. Thank you for making one of the best things I've ever found. The Best!

It’s a Blast

Pretty Darn Good 👍

A Big Treat

I grabbed this flavor since it's available in the largest size. Classic flavor and my friends and family clearly enjoyed it as it disappeared just as fast as the smaller bags.

pecan butter crunch
Aubrey Powell
Solid classic flavor

Sweet and tasty, pretty standard flavor so not something I normally get but friends and family enjoyed it. A friend said it reminded him of a praline.


Every bite was amazing

Good To Me

I loved all of them!!!

almond butter crunch
Michael Debrill

Very tasty nice and decadent


Can't get enough of this! Perfect gift for holiday parties... if only I could stop myself from eating it all before the events!


Grabbed a bag at a booth in downtown Santa Rosa. So incredibly good and I need more ASAP