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A good second to the pecan butter crunch!

pecan butter crunch
Patricia Diggs
Love the Pecan Butter crunch

Have ordered several times and have never been disappointed.

Best brittle I ever had

The 4-nut blend was very flavorful, and fresh tasting. A perfect combination of ingredients and craftsmanship.

pecan butter crunch
Sarah Puglisi
I hate to say this

but it beats anything like it I've made and I'm known for my Christmas toffee. Boy is this tasty. My personal favorite is the pecan. I literally ate the entire thing in under twenty minutes. It was that delish. IF I WIN THE LOTTERY I KNOW WHAT I"LL BE SENDING TO EVERYONE ON MY HOLIDAY LIST!

pecan butter crunch
Michael Debrill
Very good so tasty

Always fresh and tasty

A must have

Its tasty nutty but not overly sweet. Can have a pound of this! This along with the all nuts are by far my Favs

pecan butter crunch
Nancy A Rao
Ultimate Brittle

I found this in Texas in a little town that if you blink you could miss it. When I saw this there, I had to have it, and am I glad I did. It is the best most comforting candy/snack/anytime. It is far superior than any brittle I've ever had, and the pecan is just, well, perfect. Thank you for making one of the best things I've ever found. The Best!

It’s a Blast

Pretty Darn Good 👍

A Big Treat

I grabbed this flavor since it's available in the largest size. Classic flavor and my friends and family clearly enjoyed it as it disappeared just as fast as the smaller bags.

pecan butter crunch
Aubrey Powell
Solid classic flavor

Sweet and tasty, pretty standard flavor so not something I normally get but friends and family enjoyed it. A friend said it reminded him of a praline.


Every bite was amazing

Good To Me

I loved all of them!!!

almond butter crunch
Michael Debrill

Very tasty nice and decadent


Can't get enough of this! Perfect gift for holiday parties... if only I could stop myself from eating it all before the events!


Grabbed a bag at a booth in downtown Santa Rosa. So incredibly good and I need more ASAP

Might be my new favorite!!

Everything from p.o.p. candy co. is delicious- but the peanut butter crunch might be my new favorite flavor. Ate the whole bag in one sitting... Yum!!!

Sweet and salty 4-nut blend

Really delicious as with all your candies.


bought the candy tasters as giveaways at a Celebration of Life....folks went craaaazy....only thing is the little packages were hard to open as the wrapping is sealed.

Not so with the LOVEBOX and HUGSBOX as the candy packages have a little wrap around holders. We took those out the night before, just family after dinner. PopDELICIOUS. It was a sweeeet party

pecan butter crunch
Cheryl Pinckney
Very oily

I recently received my order 2 pecan butter crunch and as soon as I put my hand in the bag and took a piece of candy, my hand was oily.Thinking maybe it was just that piece, I took another piece, and same thing, it was oily. I opened the second bag, and that bag of candy was oily as well. Did you change the recipe??? I love this candy as you can see from my many orders. I want to continue buying this most delicious crunch, but if it’s oily again, I won’t be buying again.

Hi Cheryl -- Thanks so much for letting us know about this experience. We didn't change the recipe, but sometimes the weather impacts how the butter crunch behaves during its cooking process. A little more humidity in the air can result in what you experienced (we were recently dealing with a storm surge). Thankfully, all indications are that those conditions are behind us! I'll email you directly about making things right! ;)

pecan butter crunch
Kevin Nobles
P.O.P. Delicious 😋

Once again P.O.P. Has delivered another fantastic treat. Always happy and will remain a P.O.P. Customer moving forward. 😎👍🏾

butter crunch packs
Daniece Pursel

Have tried all 5 flavors that I bought. Love them all


I expected to not really like this flavor, but I did!!! There are hints of Thanksgiving with the thyme, but definitely not overwhelming. The cherries add a nice little bit of tartness, and walnuts, well walnuts are a great addition to everything!!

My special favorite

This is one of the most delightful flavors and might be my personal favorite. It tastes like India to me, as the sweets there are often rosewater and always cardamom. Thank you for such a special treat.

pistachio butter crunch
Debbie WHITE
Best brittle I've ever eaten

We thought this was the tastiest, most buttery brittle we have ever had. And I love the pistachio instead of peanut.

Thyme, walnut, cherry butter crunch

I love this crunch. The only reason why I’m giving this four stars instead of five, is because one batch didn’t look consistent with previous orders of the same. Keep in mind that this didn’t deter me from ordering more and I’ve ordered more since. It’s always delicious. I just wish the postag was less expensive.