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whiskey cordial butter crunch <br> (customer-inspired limited edition)

I like this one e best of all


I ordered the 4 nut butter toffee… some of the best candy I’ve ever had.


I’ve actually ordered 4 times already and it’s very addictive, this is the best candy ever!!! I’ll be ordering my 5th order very soon.

p.o.p. mix (4-nut blend)
Beverly Jefferson
4 nut blend

Delicious. I can't eat just 1 piece. I end up eating then entire bag.

My Favorite

My first time ordering and it was so good. I think this was my favorite overall.

butter crunch packs
Really good

Was my first time ordering. This was so good and not overly sweetened. Will most likely purchase again.


This was a gift for my God Daughter at the Navel Academy! It was a big hit. I'll be ordering more fore her in the future!

butter crunch packs

This is my 4th time ordering this is good only one thing they don't put enough on the bag for the price

The Best !

I bought several different flavors for Christmas gifts, but have already eaten 4 bags! It’s So Good!!!

rum y vanilla butter crunch
Kimberly Lambert

This is my go to flavor! It is so buttery one of my favorites next to the maple bacon!

I had to do a happy dance once I tasted this!

Wow! This butter crunch toffee is sooooo amazing! I was just going to take a taste, but it didn't last long! If you love toffee this is through the roof delicious!! A must have!

So delicious. All are delicious and I cannot decide which one taste the best, four nut mix or pecan!!


Best ever candy. One of my favorite.

pecan butter crunch
Carla Germany

pecan butter crunch

pecan butter crunch
Jonny Fields
Butter Pecan

It was soooo good.
Kind of expensive, but so delicious. I love love love it.
This is for when you want to give yourself a very special treat.

rum y vanilla butter crunch
Gloria Morrison
Rum y vanilla butter crunch

I love the rum y vanilla crunch! It’s buttery and full of flavor. It’s addictive!


Delicious! Perfect size to share with friends. Referred several friends and they are now ordering!

Simply awesome!

Delicious treat alone. Crumbled on ice cream, even better! Nuts, bourbon, butter and sweet. Need I say more?

Tropical delight

I didn’t think you could top the rummy vanilla but you did..Coconut crunch is out of this world..

Damn!! Lol

Candy was super good!! Definitely ordering again in the future!! Best I ever had!

pecan butter crunch
Kristie Robinson
A bit chewy..

Everything else I ordered was WONDERFUL and I actually saved this one for last, only to be a little disappointed. Really, I felt like.. If this is a best seller, maybe mine wasn't made fresh. I bit into it and..... there was sort of a snap but 3 chews later, it was a bit chewy and getting stuck in my teeth. I didn't even finish it and ...I ordered the 8oz bag. My mind was off because I was anticipating it to be as good as the others but.... the texture was just different. Flavor was good. Texture was off.


My favorite. Will be buying again. You must try this. Taste like my childhood favorite cinnamon toast.

butter crunch packs
Tammy Humphrey

Loved it!

almond butter crunch
Regina Hinton
Almond crunch

I received the package today and it’s delicious. I will be ordering more! Thanks