Product Information

Keep p.o.p. in a cool, dry place (like a pantry or cupboard). Don't refrigerate or store in a sealed container. TIP: It loves air conditioned rooms and fans!

Think of p.o.p. like a baked good ... fresh is best! Having said that:

Sealed packs from online purchase:We package and ship fresh to order, so we encourage you to enjoy your p.o.p. within 2 months of receiving it, but most flavors will last about 6 months in optimal conditions (NOTE: the texture and freshness factor will change over time). (ANOTHER NOTE: Enjoy your Maple Bacon and Whiskey Cordial within 2 months of receiving it.)

Cello bag packaging (clear bag with red clasp) and Tasters: 2-3 weeks after delivery

Gift Boxes, Assortment Packs, and Crazy 8s: 6 weeks after delivery

Gift Tins: 4 months after delivery

Retail Purchased Packs: Please see the 'enjoy by' date on your pack. Since we're all about freshness, we encourage you to enjoy ASAP! NOTE: Enjoy your Maple Bacon and Whiskey Cordial within 2 months of receiving it.

We use cane sugar and brown sugar. We don't use corn syrup; we use g-free organic brown rice syrup instead. FYI, the sugar count of a serving size is lower than many yogurts and juices. Check out our Nutritional Information for more details.

Not at this time. We appreciate your interest in having us expand our butter crunch line to include vegan and sugar-free offerings. Stay tuned!

Our Fennel & Seeds flavor is seed-based and really crunchy, so you don't even miss the nuts. We don't always have it on our menu but when we do, even nut lovers buy it cuz it tastes like a crunchy biscotti.

All of our main menu butter crunch flavors are gluten-free. There may be EXCEPTIONS in our Limited Edition flavors. To be on the safe side, please be sure to read through each flavor's ingredients to make sure all is good for you and your health!

Please see our Nutritional Information.

California customers, please see our Proposition 65 page.

The California government has stated that “the fact that a product bears a Proposition 65 warning does not mean by itself that the product is unsafe.” It has noted, “You could think of Proposition 65 more as a ‘right to know’ law than a pure product safety law.” 

Please see our Prop 65 page here.

It's just coagulated butter that sometimes shows up during colder months or when p.o.p. is kept in cooler temps. It doesn't impact that taste or freshness, though we admit it can look a little unusual. Feel free to rub it out before taking a bite!

We make and package p.o.p. fresh to order, so you never have to worry about your p.o.p. not being fresh. If, when you receive your p.o.p., you find it to be hard or sticky, that likely means your order was exposed to a warm environment or heat during the shipping process or upon delivery (e.g., your shipment sat in the heat or under direct sunlight).

We mark our packages with FRAGILE warnings to keep packages away from heat and direct sunlight so that delivery carriers know how to handle your orders.

Order/Shipping Information

Our complete Shipping Policy can be found here.

Please don't have p.o.p. delivered to an address where it will be exposed to direct sun, rain, or other detrimental elements. It should not sit in a warm temperature or in a moist environment. It is a butter-based product.

Our complete Shipping Policy is here.

Because we make and package fresh to order, standard SHIPPING TIME is 3-5 business days after your order is received. This is separate than the DELIVERY TIME that USPS will take to deliver your order.

During the holidays or exceptionally busy times of year, USPS' delivery time can be even longer.

Unfortunately, we have no control over USPS deliveries, delays, or even their delivery tracking. Please take up delivery matters with your local postal carrier or post office, who can be very helpful.

Our complete Shipping Policy is here.

We have found that USPS Priority Mail is the most cost-effective & reliable shipping service.

First Class Mailis available for small orders, but it will take longer to reach you. As of Oct 1, 2021, USPS announced that certain First Class deliveries would take even longer. Please consider this when choosing your shipping service.

You can select USPS Priority Express if you'd like to expedite delivery of your order.

Our complete Shipping Policy is here.

We can ship to a P.O. Box via USPS, but please consider that your shipment will be in a box and that it should not sit in a warm environment after it is delivered.

When we process the postage for your order, a Shipping Notification is emailed or texted to you containing tracking information.

Our complete Shipping Policy is here.

We are not able to ship outside of the United States at this time.

Please see our Wholesale Interest page.

We've donated to a number of organizations and community-based efforts since we began, but find that we are not able to respond to the many donation requests we receive. Feel free to submit a request and we will contact you if we are able to participate. Thanks for thinking of us for your event, and appreciate your understanding about this.