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Nutritional Information

All Natural | Real, Clean Ingredients | Lower Sugar Count

Our base blend in made with:

real butter
cane sugar

organic brown rice syrup

Then, depending on the flavor, we add:

premium nuts
organic seeds
farmers market herbs & fruit
organic raw coconut
excellent spices
all-natural extracts (w/no added sugar)
apple smoked pork bacon

All of this results in an authentic, handcrafted product with exceptional flavor and innovative flavor twists that are created using clean, carefully selected ingredients.  Real food with a lower sugar count than a lot of juices and yogurts. 

Below is an example of our nutritional information.  Complete ingredients are listed on specific flavor pages.

(NOTE:  Our fire pistachio has an all-natural cayenne-based rub that contains soy protein and may contains traces of gluten. It is the exception to our gluten- and soy-free rule, and is incredibly delicious!)