Retail Shops

 (updated 9/6/23)

 RETAIL SPECIALTY SHOPS and INDIE SHOPS that carry us are listed in our STORE LOCATOR below.

We truly appreciate you picking up some p.o.p. at these awesome places, as it helps support our partnership with them!



 ✈️ Hudson News @ Los Angeles Airport (LAX) ✈️

We're thrilled to share that we're now in HUDSON NEWS SHOPS at LAX as part of their interest to shine the light on LA LOCAL. They enthusiastically approached us during Holidays 2022 and, this summer, started us in 3 of their most foot-trafficky stores in: (1) Tom Bradley Int'l Magic Concourse 1, (2) the new Midfield Satellite Concourse (West Gates), and (3) Domestic Terminal 7.

They're selling 4 oz. packs of almond, brown sugar & cinn, pecan, p.o.p. mix, and rum y vanilla.  So generous of them to offer so many flavors!

Many customers have stopped at our Robertson PickUp Hub to grab p.o.p. that they want to pack up and take on their flights to share with family and friends in another state or out of country. Thanks to this awesome placement, you can literally grab and go before boarding your flight! 


  🏬 Gelson's Markets 🏬

We're also now in all SoCal GELSON'S MARKETS! It's been a long time coming, and finally (also!) happened this summer (which helps explain why the season was so dang insane for us! 🤪)

They're selling 4 oz. packs of our pecan and p.o.p. mix.  Look for our shiny packs hanging in their CANDY AISLE next other sweet treat classics like licorice, gummy bears, and Werther's. :) 



Ongoing incredibly supportive retail partners. We're thrilled to have a steady presence in these stores.  

Erewhon (all, including new Pasadena store)
Bristol Farms (most, now including Hollywood, check listings)
Whole Foods (check listings)
Lassen's (check listings)
Nugget (all)
Draeger's (Menlo Park)



Mercado Laguna (Laguna Beach, CA)
 Angella Sweet Spot Bake Shop (Los Angeles)
FRESH REFILLS have recently gone out to Nappily Naturals (LA's Leimart Park) and The Californian (Mariposa, CA).  
Indie Shops are also listed in our Retail Locator below, but please keep in mind that availability can change quicker than we learn of it.


    Shop listings in our Store Locator include SIZES and FLAVORS as best we know.

      CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: Please see our Prop 65 page.

      RETAILERS:  If you're interested in carrying p.o.p. in your shop, please visit our Wholesale Interest page.