Retail Shops

p.o.p. at nugget market

 RETAIL SPECIALTY SHOPS and INDIE SHOPS that carry us can be found on our STORE LOCATOR map (nationwide). Below are general listings for a quick look of where you can find us.

Bristol Farms (most, check listings)
Erewhon (all)
Whole Foods (check listings - more news to come in APRIL!)
Lassen's (check listings)
Hudson News Shops at LAX, Burbank, and Ontario airports (largest shops, with more to come)
Nugget (all)
Draeger's (Menlo Park)

Specific stores are linked on our Store Locator map.


Shout out to our Newest Additions:
Boete Winery (Carmel Valley, CA)
Carp Kitchen & Grocery (Carpinteria, CA) 
Garland Hotel (NoHo, LA, CA) (coming late January)
Lacquer (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
Seaglass & Sugar (Portland, OR)
FRESH REFILLS have recently gone out to Nappily Naturals (LA's Leimart Park) and The Californian (Mariposa, CA).  

 Indie Shops are also listed in our Store Locator, but keep in mind that availability can change quicker than we learn of it.


    Shop listings in our Store Locator include SIZES and FLAVORS as best we know.


      CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: Please see our Prop 65 page.


      RETAILERS:  If you're interested in carrying p.o.p. in your shop, please visit our Wholesale Interest page.

      For a map of stores that carry us, please go to our Store Locator.