Retail Shops


We recently shipped orders to a bunch of new indie retail shops who are now carrying us ... everywhere from Idaho to Wisconsin to Rhode Island to North Carolina to Florida to Texas to Nevada and lots of places in between! 🛒🛍️🙌❤️

Check out the STORE LOCATOR below to discover retail shops where you can find us. 

OVERALL, we're in a bunch of:

- WHOLE FOODS in the SoCal, Arizona, and Nevada
- EREWHON (including Instacart) & BRISTOL FARMS stores in the Greater L.A. area
- INDIE SHOPS sprinkled across the states, from San Francisco & Oakland to Waco,TX to Hudson, NY.

    Shop listings include SIZES and FLAVORS stores are carrying (as best we know).

    For the wider variety of flavors, sizes, and products, please shop our site!