Live Shopping Events

 (updated 9/6/23)

LIVE SHOPPING EVENTS are a BIG part of who we are.  We love spending time with customers, having them discover us for the first time, and seeing them come back for more (best feeling EVER)!

SCROLL DOWN past our Show List for instructions re: ORDERING ONLINE for a LIVE SHOW PICKUP (a good thing to consider for your holiday gifting).

Here's what we've got going on this Fall-Winter season.  




Sep 8:  LA Rum Fest

Sep 16:  LA Fall Beer Festival

Sep 22-24:  Auburn Fall Home Show


Oct 4-8:  Sugar Plum Halloween

Oct 7-8:  San Carlos Art & Wine Faire 

Oct 8:  LA Chocolate Salon (Pasadena)

Oct 14-15:  SF Bazaar at Maker Faire Bay Area (Mare Island)

Oct 21-22: SF Bazaar at Maker Faire Bay Area (Mare Island)

Oct 29:  Patchwork Show Long Beach


Nov 4-5:  Yorba Linda WC Fall Fair

Nov 8-11:  Sugar Plum Thanksgiving

 Nov 17-18:  Nutcracker Craft Boutique

Nov 18-19:  Jackalope Art Fair Pasadena

Nov 19:  SF Int'l Chocolate Salon

Nov 29 - Dec 2:  Sugar Plum Christmas




ONLINE ORDER/SHOW PICKUP OPTION:  Please remember that you can order online to pick up at a show.  Doing so will ensure that you'll get exactly what you'd like without concern about us running out or not having a certain flavor or size at the show (happens more often than we'd like, no matter how much product we bring to a show!).  NOTE: This is especially good to do if you'd like a bunch of PACKS, some p.o.p. PEANUT, or a p.o.p.-filled GIFT item.

When you order online for an order you'd like to pick up at a show, you just need to include WHICH SHOW you'd like to pick up at in the "Notes" section of the order.

Due to the busy-ness of the seasons, PLEASE place your order at least 4 BUSINESS DAYS *BEFORE* the event begins.  We'll need to confirm the arrangement after we've received it.