About Us

Meet Your p.o.p. candy co. (& Life ♥) Partners


Here we are, Bill Waiste and Rachel Flores. About 10+ years ago, we took a recipe we loved making for the holidays and fused it with our love of food, pop culture, community, and life in Santa Monica to bring you p.o.p. candy co. We love our customers and make p.o.p. with an uncompromising commitment to create exceptional flavor experiences that you just want to keep devouring!


Our Butter Crunch

buttery toasty toffee


Think buttery, toasty, crunchy toffee-like deliciousness in each and every bite. Our butter crunch is handmade in small batches using real, clean ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Sweet and savory flavors are packed with premium nuts, excellent farmers market herbs and fruits, fine spices, and all-natural extracts (with no added sugar) that are combined and cooked into each batch so that each flavor is incredible and no two flavors are the same.


Customers tell us that p.o.p. has the "right level of sweetness," and that it tastes better, softer, and fresher than other toffees and brittles they've tried and enjoyed for years. Plus, it's made with:


• no corn syrup (15-20 g cane sugar per serving)
• no peanuts
• no soy
• no gluten


Read our article, "Butter Crunch vs. Britle vs. Toffee vs. Bark:  What's the Difference" to learn more here 👍)


Check out the nutritional information for some of our flavors on our Nutritional Info page.

Handmade from Santa Monica

pop candy company


We're a Santa Monica small business with big, beautiful Culver City kitchen that we moved into in September 2019 to give us the space we needed. We’re *loving* it, and the great creative vibes that thrive within its walls that will allow us to keep bringing new, innovative flavors to our customers.

Our Name

pop candy company

Our name was inspired by Pacific Ocean Park ("P-O-P"), an amusement park that stood on Lick Pier in Santa Monica (1958-1967).  It was designed to compete with Disneyland, so it had wild rides & attractions, and over 1 million in attendance each year. People loved it. Later, Lick Pier became the "Dogtown" hangout for local skateboarders and surfers until its demolition in 1975.  It had its own cool.


POP and Lick are now gone, but people remember the pleasure they brought with a smile.  We like that … a lot.