rum y vanilla butter crunch

"Rum y vanilla... Where have you been my whole life?!" - customer at live event

Think butterscotch rum kissed with vanilla bean sea salt. Perfection. LOVED LOVED LOVED when introduced in Summer 2015 after a happy accident during which the flavor was created. After one customer kept outbidding himself to buy our sample bag after sale packs had run out, we knew you guys were serious!We rushed it onto our p.o.p. site and it's been a strong seller ever since.

Ingredients:dairy butter, cane sugar, cashews, pecans, organic brown rice syrup, natural rum extract, Mexican vanilla, Hepps vanilla bean sea salt.

Allergen Info: Contains tree nuts and dairy. Gluten free. Soy free.

Customer Reviews

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ReNita Parrish
Hmm...Missing Something This Time Around

I normally would have gone through both bags by now, but it doesn't taste as good as it used to. Not as yummy-buttery as I remember and it sticks on my teeth more than it did in the past. Now I wish that I had only ordered the Pecan Butter Crunch instead.



mark sawa
the best you'll ever taste

Every time I go to one of the craft fairs or food markets in LA I ALWAYS look for POP Candy. This flavor in particular is my families favorite. Quite literally melts in your mouth and never gets stuck in your teeth. There is no better flavor, but I do recommend all the others as well. Just buy the biggest bag you can of this flavor!!!!


Just could have had a little more flavor in it it was good I was just looking for a little more rum and vanilla but otherwise it was good will order again

Juanita Fuentes
Runny (yummy)

The best I’ve had bar far my favorite yet I will be trying other flavors