rum y vanilla butter crunch

"Rum y vanilla... Where have you been my whole life?!" - customer at live event

Think butterscotch rum kissed with vanilla bean sea salt. Perfection. LOVED LOVED LOVED when introduced in Summer 2015 after a happy accident during which the flavor was created. After one customer kept outbidding himself to buy our sample bag after sale packs had run out, we knew you guys were serious!We rushed it onto our p.o.p. site and it's been a strong seller ever since.

Ingredients:dairy butter, cane sugar, cashews, pecans, organic brown rice syrup, natural rum extract, Mexican vanilla, Hepps vanilla bean sea salt.

Allergen Info: Contains tree nuts and dairy. Gluten free. Soy free.

Customer Reviews

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Juanita Fuentes
Runny (yummy)

The best I’ve had bar far my favorite yet I will be trying other flavors

Daniel Grover
Yummy Rummy

Perfect blend of rum and buttery flavors. Vanilla not too strong, subtle and just right. Addictive - thankfully there’s no alcohol content!! :-)

Rhonda Sarver

What else do you need to know? This stuff is fabulous and a guilty pleasure and I don't buy it often because I eat it all in a day. It's too yummy to let sit.

Anne Horner
Favorite butter crunch

This is the first purchase and still my favorite. I confess I order this flavor and have tried most of the others. It’s just a delicious delicate butter crunch even for those with dental limitations. It has become my favorite gift to give. Awesome product!

Tracy J.
You Just Cannot Resist This Truly Yummy Combination!!

For someone who just loves peanut brittle, this FB post popped up in my Daily feed page one day, and I, very quickly, gave in to my love for nutty,buttery and crunchy brittle/butter crunch! As soon as I tried p.o.p. candy's rum y vanilla butter crunch, talk about just morphing into butter crunch bliss at the first try!! Truly better than my usual company and I've purchased at least 2 times so far. I must forewarn you that just getting one item will never be enough! THIS BUTTER CRUNCH IS ADDICTIVE BECAUSE IT IS THAT GOOD!! Before you know it 8oz of p.o.p. candy's famous rum y vanilla butter crunch disappears fast, because it is so good!! If you're not into sharing, I suggest you hide it and hide it good, because once your family and friends get a hold of it, it will be gone sooner than you'd want it to!! I will definitely recommend and buy again in the future!! My thanks to Rachel and Bill for your hospitality, care and love that goes into every batch of butter crunch you make! My hope is for many more people finding your site, reading the reviews, and liking what they see so more and more orders come in!!