Fall News 🌳🍂

HOLD TIGHT ... We're updating this page within the next couple of days for Holidays 2023.  We're insanely busy, but what truly incredible year it's been. So thankful to all of you!


FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY ... STRAWBERRY FIELDS is here for you, dear online customers! You know a flavor has been tooo long in the waiting when, right after you post it online, orders start to come in before you've even had a chance to announce it on your home page! 😆  This flavor is like a savory-sweet strawberry flavor burst on your tongue.  It was a inspired by and a hit at the California Strawberry Festival earlier this year, and we were pleased to see that it sold out at shows we taste-tested it at afterward.  Read up and Order it HERE while you can.  It's a labor of love, but a time-consuming one(!), so it will only be here for a limited time.


Our Fall-Winter 2023 Live Show schedule is up! We're psyched to have such a incredible range of shows lined up for the season.  Take a look at where we're gonna be and where we'd love to see you at our Live Shows page HERE. 

TRAVELING IN AND OUT OF LAX?! 🧳✈️ ... and we got GELSON'S 🏬‼️

You can now grab us at HUDSON NEWS SHOPS at Los Angeles Airport (LAX)!  We're now in 3 of their foot-trafficky stores in the Tom Bradley International Concourse, the new Midfield Concourse, and Domestic Terminal 7 as part of their interest to shine light on local crafters, and they've been such a pleasure to work with.  If you catch us at a Hudson shop, PLEASE PLEASE tag us on IG or FB at @popcandyco so we can see and share how it's looking! 📸❤️  

We're also now at *all* So Cal GELSON'S MARKETS, which just makes us wide-smile for days!   

This summer was full throttle as we launched these two placements while also doing live shows and taking care of other incoming orders, but what an incredible gnarly season to have.  We're soo grateful! 

More details and other timely new is on our Retail page HERE.  It includes a STORE LOCATOR to help you find p.o.p. close by.  Whichever retail shop is convenient for you to pick us up - in SoCal, Cali, and throughout the U.S. -  we *truly* appreciate you supporting our retail partners as they support us.

SUMMER ONLINE ORDERING (the season's not behind us yet!!) 😎💛

Now more than ever, it's important for you to consider where you're having your online order shipped so that your package isn't sitting in the sun or heat after it's delivered. Once you have it, please keep your p.o.p. in a cool, dry place. It loves ceiling fans and air-conditioned rooms ... refrigerators are too chilly and will change the texture. We just want to you be able to enjoy every fresh bite we've shipped to you!  Speaking of which, as you shop our site, remember that we offer FREE SHIPPING on $75+ orders 📦 ($75+ product total *after* any discounts applied at checkout).