rosewater cardamom butter crunch (it's back!)

"The Rosewater Cardamom brittle has a lovely balance of aromatic, sweet and salty." - Ana


Renegade SF Holiday Show 2022 (within the first hour):

Customer A:  "i'll take 8 2oz.ers."

"Customer B:  "I'll take 4 4oz.ers"  

And so the day went ... that's when we knew we had to get this flavor back on our menu for the holidays.  Sooo ... it's BACK!


Customers are loving the balance of floral rosewater with aromatic cardamom in this flavor. The pistachios are chopped for a subtle nut mouthfeel. The rosewater touch is lighter, and the cardamom finish amazing. We grind Penzeys Spices amazing cardamom seeds *fresh* for every batch. Makes such a difference! 

Ingredients:dairy butter, cane sugar, pistachios, organic brown rice syrup, rosewater, pistachio extract, cardamom, sea salt.

Allergen Info: Contains tree nuts and dairy. Gluten free. Soy free.

Customer Reviews

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Nancy A Rao
My special favorite

This is one of the most delightful flavors and might be my personal favorite. It tastes like India to me, as the sweets there are often rosewater and always cardamom. Thank you for such a special treat.

Steve Gaiser
Good Stuff

They are all great mixes 😀

Rosewater Cardamom

Omg.. Rosewater Cardamom is sooo good. I could not stop eating it now its all gone. Will have to order more. And this time share with family...yummy

Monique Humphrey

O this one is my love love it🦋

Beautifully delicious

The Rosewater Cardamom brittle has a lovely balance of aromatic, sweet and salty. I only wish it had whole nuts.