'{we all need} Hugs' assortment box

(eight 1 oz. packs)

We all need HUGS!

This collection is filled with classic and new, bold savory and oh-yeah sweet flavors that are sure to please.

Each gift box contains 8 individually wrapped 1 o.z. cello bags of the following flavors:

  • almondclassicbuttery toasty perfection 
  • pecan: our classic favorite that reminds you of the best pecan pie and praline ever!
  • p.o.p. mix: a nut lover's salty sweet dream with almonds, pecans, smoked pistachios & cashews
  • spicy almond crush: a spiced toasty-nut flavor with a wickedly tasty crushed red pepper sting! 
  • brown sugar & cinnamon: a spicy sweetfavorite made with Vietnamese cinnamon ... like amazing cinnamon toast!  
  • rosemary almond: a loved delicate savory with fresh farmers market rosemary
  • rum y vanilla: a bold ’oh yeah’ sweetwith cashews & pecans that tastes like incredible butterscotch rum 
  • c-c-c-curry: a mouthful of spicy sweet YUM; think spicy gingerbread!

See individual flavor listings for more flavor descriptions and ingredients information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amelia Wright

Let me begin with the service. Very informative and professional, Delivery was amazing when the owner herself Delivered the Candy. And the Taste was So Delicious I Ate the whole box myself

Gail Gregg Meaux
So yummy

Loved every single piece. Especially the Curry !! Who would have thought?

Adriana Acosta

POP Candy has the perfect crunch and then the flavors just melt on to your tongue and take over your senses. Just delicious! It’s difficult to choose a favorite, they’re all so perfect in their own way, for all my different moods. OK, if I have to choose a favorite, I’ll go with the Rosemary!
Thank you POP Candy!