p.o.p. 101 sampler

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Butter Crunch Sampler Pack

UPDATE: WOW...What a response to this sampler pack! Grab one now before we sell out!

"The absolute best candy nut brittles ever!!!! So buttery, crunchy, nutty and fresh. love, love, love, love, love, love loooove!" (Mitsue M on Yelp)

We created this 4-flavor sampler for first-time customers who haven't had a chance to give our handmade butter crunch a try. You'll be SO glad you did! 

Our p.o.p. 101 sampler comes with samples of 4 fan favorites: 

  • pecan:  Our top-selling flavor that comforts the soul like the best pecan pie or most perfect praline
  • p.o.p. mix:  Our salty sweet 4-nut blend that's packed with slivered almonds, coarsely chopped pecans, salted cashews and smoked + salted pistachios .. a universal crowd favorite
  • rosemary almond:  A delicate savory made with fresh farmers market rosemary that hits our insanely buttery toasty almond butter crunch at the end ... a flavor you weren't expecting that will take you to new places
  • rum y vanilla: Go big or go home with this wildly popular fan favorite that tastes like butterscotch rum ... one big mouthful of YUM that's lightly topped with vanilla bean sea salt to create a truly memorable experience

Ingredients:  At their base, all flavors contain dairy butter, cane sugar, and organic brown rice syrup. Then, depending on the flavor, we add ...pecan: coarsely chopped pecans (that's it!) | p.o.p. mix: fresh almonds, pecans, pistachios, cashews, sea salt, natural smoke | rosemary almond: slivered almonds, organic fresh farmers market rosemary | rum y vanilla:  salted cashews, chopped pecans, natural rum extract, Mexican vanilla, Hepp's vanilla bean sea salt 

Allergen Info: Contains tree nuts and dairy. Gluten free. Soy free. Peanut free. Corn (syrup) free.

IF YOU'RE ORDERING THIS SAMPLER ALONE:  We'll ship it to you via USPS First Class Mail, so it may take a little while longer to reach you these days. Definitely something worth waiting for!

IF YOU'RE ORDERING THIS SAMPLER WITH OTHER P.O.P. PRODUCTS:  Cheers! We'll ship it USPS Priority Mail, meaning you'll usually get it a little quicker.  More p.o.p. in less time. Such a win-win!!