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Monthly Delivery!

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Have p.o.p. deliciousness coming your way ... with consistency! 

Subscribe to our service and we'll ship you two 4oz. packs of your selected flavors on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for (new nice price) $26/delivery, including shipping!

And REMEMBER that it's a great gift that keeps on giving to your mom, dad, and other friends and fam who deserve a regular stash of THE BEST butter crunch, brittle, toffee EVER. Send them a monthly box and instantly become their favorite!

It's a simple process:

  1. Pick your 2 favorite flavors*
  2. Let us know if you'd like a monthly or bi-monthly delivery
  3. Complete the checkout page, and you're done!

*Maple Bacon and F.I.D.s (flavors in development) are not available for this service.

NOTE:  You'll need to order this service SEPARATE from any other p.o.p. order you're submitting.

After ordering, you'll get an email to activate your account.  Once you do that, you'll receive a separate email with a LINK that will allow you to change your flavors, shipping address, or even suspend service as needed.  If you don't change anything, we'll keep everything as you ordered it.

ANOTHER NOTE:  Discount codes are not accepted with this service.

We can't wait to serve you this way!