crazy bon appétit! box set

crazy bon appétit! box set

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Six of our butter crunch flavors have been selected for Le Bon Marche's La Grande Épicerie de Paris, which -- this September 2018 -- will bring tastes from selected California crafters, to Paris. Mais oui, it's true!

To celebrate in the fun with our customers, we've given our Crazy 8 assortment pack a French makeover as a box set of the 6 flavors selected so you can grab a taste of what's in store for Paris in fall 2018. Frais et délicieux!

Our Crazy Bon Appétit box set contains six 1 oz. packs of:

  • almond
  • pecan 
  • p.o.p. mix
  • fire pistachio
  • brown sugar & cinnamon
  • rum y vanilla

This box set will be available through the end of August, when we'll be closing up our shop to attend the show. Beaucoup d'amusement!