5-Flavor Toss Up

5-Flavor Toss Up

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Our Flavors-In-Development (FID) Taster Pack

UPDATE: Thanks for the incredible response! We are selling out *fast*!

"OMG, how is that even possible?!" (Tosha M on FoodieCon 2019)

We can't bring our 5 flavors in development (FIDs) at a live show near you to try as we normally would, so we're creating a fun way for you to try them and weigh in on which you like best! 


Imagine these flavor combinations in our buttery sweet blend: 

  • apple slap: apples, walnuts, rolled oats and delish fall spices
  • buttered everything bagel:  pieces of everything bagels and Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning blend (with sea salt and garlic, minced onion and poppy seeds)
  • earl gray swirl:  Earl Grey tea, almonds, pistachios & fresh lemon zest
  • pretzel crunch: Old Thyme pretzels and gobs of almonds & cashews
  • raspberry blast: a heavenly blend of raspberries & hazelnuts

Ingredients:  At their base, all flavors contain dairy butter, cane sugar, and organic brown rice syrup. 

Allergen Info: Contains tree nuts and dairy. Contains gluten and may contain soy. 


Order your FID taster pack and VOTE for your favorite by commenting on Instagram or Facebook at @popcandyco under ANY of the FID flavors pics we post (shown on this product page).

You can also vote by SHARING an Instagram post or story and using the hashtag #5flavortossup

After you vote, we'll send you a COUPON CODE good for your next purchase of p.o.p. packs.

**Get the chance to win a BONUS GIFT by sharing PICS/VIDS of your tasting experience with the hashtag #5flavortossup **


**Orders begin shipping the week of Oct 12.**  We're taking votes online through early November.



$5 IF YOU'RE ORDERING THIS PACK ALONE:  For $5, we'll ship it to you via USPS First Class Mail. A *really* fun order of just NEW stuff!

FREE with $25 OF OTHER P.O.P. PRODUCTS:  ADD a TOSS UP pack to your cart and we'll ship it USPS Priority Mail with the rest of your order.  Amazing tastes all-around!    NOTE:  You must add Toss Up to your cart to receive it; discount is automatically applied when you do ;)