custom butter crunch gift tin (1 or 2 flavors)

(1 lb.) (now including premium flavors!)

Create a 1 lb. custom tin with up to 2 flavors of your choice. Pick your favorites or ones you know they'll love!

  • OPTION 1:  1 flavor (16 oz./1 lb.)
  • OPTION 2:  2 flavors (8 oz. each)
  • OPTION 3:  Make mine with 1 PREMIUM flavor (8 oz. or 16 oz./1 lb.)
  • OPTION 4:  Make mine with 2 PREMIUM flavors (8 oz. each)

NOTE:  If you select premium flavor(s) but don't select the appropriate Option to cover its cost, we'll go ahead and substitute in a non-premium flavor.   

Ingredients: See individual flavors for ingredient listings on our other shop pages.  

Allergen Info: Tree nuts and dairy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kayla Scott
Good Crack!!!

This stuff is, I'm assuming, like crack, one taste and you're hooked! You'll think about it night/day. And when you get down to that last bite, all you can think if is how you're going to get more and how soon! Thank you for my addiction.

Zina Mckenzie
Out of control

I am addicted to Brittle Candy…. I no longer crave chocolate bars😳… am I going to be okay.. ya bet I am. Placed another order less than 2 weeks later. Love ,this company. You continue to keep me smiling ☺️ Thank you for what you do. Remain safe 💗🙏🏽💐

Rickie Curry
more butter baby!!!!

this is BEST peanut brittle that I have ever had!!! My wife tasted it and that was the end of it!! we hid it from our 2 teenagers because if they found it we never would have had any!! I ordered more in different flavors to test out!! Great Stuff