crazy 8 pack (8 x 1 ounce packs)

crazy 8 pack (8 x 1 ounce packs)

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Created thanks to customer interest

Packed with 8 individual 1 o.z packs of p.o.p., this sampler box comes in handy when: 

  • You want to give p.o.p. and just don't know which flavor your friend, co-worker, or aunt would prefer; 
  • You've tossed and turned all night and just can't decide which flavor you want to give; or
  • You want to hoard a fistful of assorted p.o.p. for yourself.

Our Crazy 8 flavors cover the range of our flavor collections:

fun with CLASSICS...

1. almond
2. pecan
3. p.o.p. mix (4-nut blend)  

fun with HERBS...

4. rosemary almond
5. thyme, walnut & cherries

fun with SPICES...

6. fire pistachio
7. p.o.p. mix (4-nut blend)

fun with EXTRACTS...

8. rum y vanilla
    No flavor duds, just super delish.