the big ones

(1 lb. | 2 lb.)

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Get 1 or 2 lbs. of p.o.p. butter crunch goodness in our 8 oz. packs. Perfect for families, clients, offices, and celebrations. Crack them open and start a party!

  • Order a 1 lb. box and select two flavors from the flavor set you choose. You'll get two 8 oz. packs. Specify your flavor choices in the text field box below. If you don't specify, we'll pick 'em for you :) 
  • Order a 2 lb. box and get all four flavors in the set you choose. You'll get four 8 oz. packs.

Flavor Sets:

  • CLASSICS:  almond, pecan, pistachio & p.o.p. mix
  • SAVORY:  rosemary almond, thyme walnut & cherries, fire pistachio, c-c-c-curry
  • TOP 4:  rum y vanilla, brown sugar & cinnamon, pecan, p.o.p. mix

If you find yourself wanting 4 flavors in a 1 lb. box, go to our fill your 16 oz. gift box product and you'll be able to make that happen! ;)