4-flavor butter crunch variety tins

(1 lb. | 2 lb.)

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These delicious 4-flavor butter crunch assortments makes truly scrumptious gifts. And now that we're dressing up our tins with a gorgeous "buttery toasty delicious" wrap, whichever variety you choose, you can't go wrong.

Butter Crunch Flavor Sets (available in 1 lb. or a 2 lb. stack):

  • ORIGINAL: almond, pecan, rosemary almond, thyme walnut & cherries
  • TOP 4: pecan, p.o.p. mix, brown sugar & cinnamon, rum y vanilla
  • CLASSICS: almond, pecan, pistachio, p.o.p. mix
  • FOODIE:  rosemary almond, thyme walnut & cherries, c-c-c-curry, rosewater cardamom

Each tin has 4 oz. of each flavor, individually sealed. The tin itself is seal-wrapped for longer shelf life. 

Custom notecard available for 10+ orders.