"I am addicted! All the candy I have ordered has been delicious!" Thanks so much, Debra K!! 🙌💯

big round (only avail. in SoCal)

Big Round,a glass container filled with 1 oz. packs of assorted p.o.p. flavors that we deliver in the Southern California metro area.  (Limited NoCal delivery is also available.)

  • 50 1 oz. packs
  • Assorted flavors OR your flavor preferences

For Big Round orders, email us at pop@popcandyco.com if you have specific flavor preferences - but we naturally tend to do a variety of p.o.p. favorites.

We'll confirm with you directly after your order also.

Orders available over the phone as well.

(NOTE:  2 oz. packs are shown in the pic, but we do have examples of a Big Round full of 1 oz. packs.  The majority of customers ordered the 1 oz. pack size, so we phased out the 2 oz. pack option.)